To choose the unexpected
Boterbrug at Delft

It's always possible. Also on a regular day. Opportunities are always there. Consciously choose the unexpected. Just not going with the obvious choice. Venturing off the beaten path. But what then? You won't know what's ahead. Fun! You will almost always get something out of it. This can be a funny story, an exciting adventure or something more worthwhile.

Routine call

You are probably familiar with it. In the routine call, you will make the safe choice. Or maybe you choose to put in the least effort. You know what you have got, so why go for more? People, you and me, go for the safe and easy choice. No changes or surprises. Just act normal, it's crazy enough already. But, what if you do like an adventure every once in a while? Be crazy and choose the unexpected!


This is how it went for me. I decided to clear out my books and sell them on the internet. They were just laying in the closet. Maybe I can make someone else happy with any of my books. I set small margins and put them online. Soon the first reaction came in. Generally, just business related. But then a female on the other side of the internet contacted me. She wanted to know if the book about lifestyle was still available. She was motivated to start a more healthy life. The message also said that she was making her last chocolate pie. But this was the very last one. From that chocolate pie on, she wanted to become more healthy.

Chocolate pies are tasty

My thoughts were going out to the chocolate pie. Would it taste good? I decided to take the bold step and asked if I could have a piece of it. It was meant as a joke. But the answer was very clear. She said: 'Of course, you can have a piece. But only if you come and deliver the book yourself. Delft is a beautiful city. There are a lot of nice things to discover. But, I'm not interested in any sexual advances. I already have a husband.' After this great disillusionment, I still had a choice. Do I go for it? Or will I just be safe.

Small pond with big poplars
Dandelion in the morning dew
Path with willows on both sides leading through the Dutch countryside Polder Delft with river and willows

Hit the streets

The second of January I got on the train towards Delft. I had the book with me. Lured by a chocolate pie. When I arrived in DElft I went straight to the house of José. She invited me warmly. We had a nice and interesting chat. Of course, I got my chocolate pie. I also had a coffee. It was a definite joy. The husband of José turned out to be a professional photographer. That was awesome. He showed me a couple of his pictures and I even got some tips from him. All in all, it was a very pleasant and extraordinary encounter.

Delfts blue isn't ugly

After an hour I decided to leave José and I went to go and discover Delft. I had a great walk around Delft. The polders and the forest around Delft are beautiful. After the nature part, I visited the city center. A lot of history and old structures. I had a good lunch in one of the many food courts. At the end of the day, I went home.

Klaeuwshofje at Delft The new railway station at Delft

Just something different

It was a lovely and unexpected day. An acquaintance and another experience gained. When I think back to it, I still smile. It made me aware of the choices we have every day. To choose different gives a different unexpected outcome. It gave me happiness and joy. It made me aware of the choices we make every day. Choose different now and then. It will reward you with something different. Something fun or even something valuable. It keeps the blood flowing. I'm curious for your opinion. You ever experienced something like this? Don't hesitate to share your story in the comment below. I'm excited to read it.


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