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You'll laugh a lot.

I'm a litle bit crazy. And you will laugh! It will make you happier ;)

You'll sleep better.

Storytelling had always been an important part of our culture. I'll share my adventures and stories with you.

You'll wow.

I'll show you my best pictures. You will like them.

You'll be inspired.

Find your answers. Learn to trust your instinct. It's your internal guide.

You'll experience personal growth.

I'll galvanise you to find your true head to heart connection. What's left of you when you exclude the judgement of yourself, your parents, friends and the society?

It will be your truth!

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I believe

there is more good than bad in this world


Every day we are flooded with information. The news. Through television, internet and social media we swallow up our daily portion of negativity. We absorb it like a sponge.

But what can we do with it?

It's an overkill


I also experienced the good sides of the world. During a hike in Ireland I met friendly and helpful people. I was invited. I made new friends. I want to experience and show you this side of the world. I want to let go of my shedule and float on the river of life.

But am I right?

Let's find out

I want

to inspire, to motivate, and to move you

Questions of life

We live hectic lifes. We are always in a hurry. We constantly need to do something. It's time to take a step back and focus on what we want.

I write about the important questions we ask ourselves. It may inspire you to find your answers.

People's opinions

What do you stand for?

One's judgement

Why does it affect you?


How often do you take "you time"?


What is it that makes you truly grateful?


What does your instinct tell you?


What does it take to be pleased with yourself?

social ideals

What's left of you when you exclude social ideals?

social pressure

How often do you say no?

social engagements

Who schedules your agenda?

What do you stand for?

What does it take to be pleased with yourself?

What does your instinct tell you?

I am

Wouter and this is my way

What is Picture my Way

icon of a map picture my way

Picture My Way stands for following your instinct. To connect your head to your heart and vice versa.

icon of a picture picture my way

Of course is the word picture referring to my passion for photography.

icon of a adventure mountain and tree picture my way

Furthermore you can literally picture my way. You can "take part" in my adventures.

icon deer head with antlers picture my way

Finally the pronunciation of the word "way" is the same sound as my nickname.

Don't be a stranger

I would love to hear your thoughts about my blogs, videos and pictures.

I would be thrilled if you comment my work and interact with me.

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